A reusable candle base with refillable coconut wax candles, packaged in biodegradable or recyclable packaging.
My hornet repellant doesn't kill hornets, but it repells them, and it's all natural. It comes in different sizes, 8 ounce and 4 ounce, and you can spray it on yourself (except for on your face), and in your house, too.
Matching sweaters for you and your pet
My product is an automated dog door, almost like ring for dogs.
The Backlet is a little chip you place on your back that improves your posture.
The Closet is a virtual app that helps you create your perfect outfit through professional stylists.
Glowing mushrooms are a natural source of light. They are harvested, put into decorative pots and hanging lanterns and sold to be used in your home.
TO ACCESS THIS VIDEO, PLEASE COPY THIS LINK IN A NEW TAB: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/w8CnvZO2T3g The MSM is a product to help physical mail sorting easy, time saving and fun that can be used by any age group. It has an intelligence scanner that helps sorting mail and can be controlled by an app.
It is a exercising machine that has tons of things you can do like sports,running,biking,snowboarding,skateboarding,and ect.It also tracks your heart rate and calories.Also, it's online so you and your friends can play with you.It has so many games and modes in VR.
Wet paws is a dog collar that shoots out water. You can control it with an app on your phone.
Helps make 3D printing easier by fixing a common problem with stuck filament.
Glasses for driving at night.
Care Companion is a fluffy animal that uses Artificial Intelligence for Care and Compassion.
A self cleaning mask that can be used as many times as you want. The mask cleans inside and outside of it providing maximum protection.
The Spectacular Spectacles are customized glasses to assist kids with dyslexia read with ease.
Floatacase is a phone case that can float in the air, so you don't hit in the face by your phone. All you have to do is: put the phone case on the phone, program it on the floatacase app, adjust it where you want it to be and let it go.
When this mailbox gets hit by a car, snowplow or truck, it stays upright.
Are you tired of your Multivitamins that look boring and taste funny? For tasty and healthy multivitamins that you can customize to your desired shape and flavor for a bargain price of $6.99, go to www.custivitamins.com.
Cashology is a financial literacy app designed for children.
A life changing drone that is a personal assisstant to meet all of your needs.
Where’s Big Yellow is an app that lets parents and students see where their school bus is in real time. This app helps hectic mornings become stress free.
My idea was to make a candle that could help calm someone down if they are feeling stressed, angry, or even sad.
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