The snake pop is a fun summer treat that your kids will enjoy
Freshly will deliver healthy, customizable, ready-made, packaged student lunches to families whenever they need them.
The chill bike is for all ages and you can take it anywhere.It even has a protective bar to hold the hammock up so any type of weight can be held.
An app that allows you to put in the store and items you are looking for and will give the best route to you items and information about your items.
Power Guard made to keep your power on. Have you ever kicked off a power strip this is to prevent that
You want to get somewhere fast, get yourself a Turbo Bike! You will never be late too work again!
Technology plays a big role in our everyday lives and it is essential that people of all ages know how to utilize it. My project focuses on a community based education program introducing seniors to technology including QR codes, self check out, communication and cyber security.
Poseidon Car-Side Express is a Car side Service that allows people to get their car Maintenance done whenever and wherever, all through an app.
Savor the Flavor: Flavored Envelopes help replace that yucky taste when licking an envelope.
my idea is a bot to talk to to learn to socializes there is many different levels like level 1 as a example level one lets you talk to it and it will respond . You can also confess a example is if you did something bad you can tell it and it wont record or send your talks to anyone.
Can’t Think of a Name is a comprehensive database that can be used to see if business/product names, song titles, film titles, album titles, television show names, and more, have already been taken. The app will also use random generator technology to randomly generate high-quality, original names. In addition, Can’t Think of a Name provides creators easy to access and understand resources to obtain copyright/trademark rights on their new name, and all three of these aspects will be combined into one easy to use app.
I love to Create different kinds of T-shirts
Xtra Energy Gummies are gummies that give you long lasting energy throughout the day so you can thrive doing things you love without getitng tired. They are for ages 7 and above, and are non-harmful and beneficial to your health.
An app that can recognize a melody and lyrics of that one song that is stuck in your head.
Buy this drink to help you get up in the morning.
Back up is a period product that will help young girls and women in school.
Hope Centre will help homeless families and provide basic needs.
As girls i know we’re tired of not finding the right lipgloss that DOESN’T stain our clothes. I have the perfect lipgloss that prevents that.
Our business idea is to reverse the job of printers. Our product/machine will be able to remove ink off of paper in order for people to reuse the paper they print on.
The Magic Case is a case for your laptop and other devices. It has sponge and foam materials that keep the device from breaking.
Can you hear me now? My app allows students to be heard beyond the classroom and express their grievances, to ensure there is a call to action.
Dog‘s Best Friend is a robot that will meet all of your dog’s needs so you will no longer need to worry about your dog’s anxiety when you leave home.
A fun and cool interactive device that monitors your child’s health.
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