Allison's Tree Climbers are gloves that grip onto trees so that you can climb them easily.
BandMate is a computer app that connects musicians with each other so they can play music together like a band. Users can select their own instrument to play and invite other musicians to join them based on instruments played, age range, schedule availability, and music genre.
Homeless Helpers is a care package that will save lives. Homeless people suffer consequences of starvation and we need to help them.
50yardsoff is a discount fan gear site that sells licensed sports merchandise at bargain prices directly from retailers.
Brynn’s Anxiety Box allows an individual to design their personal anxiety fidget/soothing toy.
Make jeans with long pockets for women and girls so they don't have to worry about balancing their items or carrying purse.
Project Period seeks to address period poverty by placing donation boxes for unused and unwanted femine products to be donated to homeless shelters.
A paintbrush that has a built in chime for when it needs rinsed.
The Digital Exposure is a free app that can be used to analyze any picture posted in a social media platform. It will tell you if the photo was a photo-hack, filtered, photo-shopped, or changed from the original in any way, and will also tell you how to create that effect.
I’ve invented scent-sational masks that come in a variety of smells that will ‘mask’ any bad odors.
Is your pet always hungry or lonely? The Happy Pets Animal Snack Toy is the perfect solution to both of these problems!
This freshwater/saltwater bait will help you catch tons of fish on your next fishing adventure! The Fish Magnet is all you need!
Plant companion is a device that you can connect to an app on your phone, which you can set a time to water your plant, and take care of it when your away.
My business sells buckets designed for baseball players. The bucket picks up baseballs without the player or coach having to bend over for each individual ball.
History will now be fun with the History Game Board. Play the game, learn the facts, and most importantly have fun!
A cost-effective and impactful solution for water filtration and cleanliness for the developing world.
If you tell me what item you want and what you want on it I can put it on. If you send me someone's face I can also put it on the item and we do masks too.
Jacob J-Walkers is a dog walking service. I come to your home providing a quality experience for you and your dog.
Hair & Things is a company that provides hair care and styling products.
My idea is to create a home energy source that runs off of a battery and solar panel.
This product helps with memory loss by using touch and sight.
As a solution to pollution in rivers and oceans, I've invented a flying boat made from trash with an arm that grabs more trash.
Bustling Bentos is a nonprofit that would provide food particularly for those who are homeless or in a state of food insecurity. These bento boxes would be filled with dishes from around the world to give the people who may not be able to access such dishes on a regular basis, a taste of the world.
Having trouble sleeping? Look no further than PillowWillow where we customize your pillow and/or matress for the perfect night's sleep.
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