History will now be fun with the History Game Board. Play the game, learn the facts, and most importantly have fun!
The Sibling Silencer is a small, customizable device that can be programmed to detect and block out your pesky siblings voice while leaving all other sounds and voices undisturbed.
Brynn’s Anxiety Box allows an individual to design their personal anxiety fidget/soothing toy.
BandMate is a computer app that connects musicians with each other so they can play music together like a band. Users can select their own instrument to play and invite other musicians to join them based on instruments played, age range, schedule availability, and music genre.
An automated device to collect leaves and yard debris so you don't have to rake.
Help kids budget their money. Improve decision making, help with goals and help reach goals.
Lasting Laces is a solar-powered square that attaches to your shoelaces and ends the pesky task of tying shoes. It automatically senses when shoelaces need to be tightened or loosened and adjusts them.
Have you ever thought your child needed help with homework and you were too busy to help? Well, try the homework buddy which is a kid-friendly device that helps your kids stay happy.
I’ve invented scent-sational masks that come in a variety of smells that will ‘mask’ any bad odors.
Homeless Helpers is a care package that will save lives. Homeless people suffer consequences of starvation and we need to help them.
Is your pet always hungry or lonely? The Happy Pets Animal Snack Toy is the perfect solution to both of these problems!
My business idea is to have multiple balls that can be stored together inside one larger ball. This will make it easier to bring multiple balls when traveling.
Let Me Help You is a site that helps kids using fun education designed for kids by kids.
“Stick-It” Chalk is a lotion that- when you put it on something - dries to be a chalky substance. Unlike regular chalk, it is not messy and does not get all over the floor.
If you tell me what item you want and what you want on it I can put it on. If you send me someone's face I can also put it on the item and we do masks too.
Allison's Tree Climbers are gloves that grip onto trees so that you can climb them easily.
As a solution to pollution in rivers and oceans, I've invented a flying boat made from trash with an arm that grabs more trash.
My business idea is to keep kids in a safe environment during the pandemic. We will provide food, fun, and sports.
Jello Bite is a teeth set made of dog food flavor from the inside and jello from the outside so it’s a cool way to train your dog not to bite instead of using muzzle .